Sup, names Dhananjay, Dj for short. 17 year old stoner, guitarist, graphic artist. Blog contains weed porn, drugs, NSFW, tattoos, and girls. Starting College in September for Game Programming. I would of rather gone to university for something with organic chemistry and physics but my marks literally cut in half in grade 12. All about smoking people up and good vibes :)
Goals: Find an acid link. Find a mescaline link. Do my first BHO run. Graduate college. Grow a successful weed plant one day. Grow a successful batch of P.Cubensis shrooms, and then move onto P.azurescens shrooms. Move to a weed legal state. Get full sleeve tattoo.


cosmosofenlightenedvisionDo you have a snapchat? :)


Anonymoushow much was your quarter pound omg

this quarter pound was 780.

I get em anywhere from 650 - 800 depending on the quality.

bongl0veHas anyone ever told you that you have a nice smile before? Because you do. It's quite lovely; it's friendly and vibrant :) Stay high, homie! 😊💨😊

omg <3 I cant stop smiling now.

AnonymousSelfiee? :)

me rn

mrs-420I love you and your blog:)

*melts with feelings*